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We are all cute and unique, with some “touches” we can be healthier and enhance our beauty.

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From a deep facial, led light therapy, micro needling, platelet-rich plasma and our beloved non-surgical skin tightening, we can target your main face and body issues, so you feel more comfortable in your own skin.


Eyebrows Design

Our eyebrows define our faces and our means of communication. We will find the best way to shape your brows to frame your eyes and face. We can do waxing or shaping, henna tint or microblading.



The eyelashes enhance the color of the eyes and make your look more penetrating. We can place extensions or we can perform a lifting for your natural lashes.



Are you looking for immediate rejuvenation? This is a non-surgical and non-invasive treatment that shrinks excess skin, bags and wrinkles, smoothing and tightening, stretch marks and scarring via a process called “Plasma sublimation”. The Fibroblast plasma pen harnesses plasma to instantly vaporize the skin in a pin point dot pattern. As the injury to the skin is caused, the fibroblast cells proliferate producing the skin tightening effect.


We have the latest technology in cosmetic teeth whitening Beyond II Ultra device. The cosmetic teeth whitening treatment takes only 30 minutes with Beyond II Ultra and Osmo teeth whitening formula specially formulated 6% H₂O₂ gel designed for excellent accelerated results. This gel formula does not require gingival protection and produce no sensitivity, and the service includes an easy to use home-maintenance whitening pen.

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Derma C

Derma Swiss

With the renewed formula, Derma C is a new and powerful antioxidant serum that contains one of the most stable molecules derived from vitamin C.


Reduces skin hyperpigmentation, attenuates fine lines and wrinkles and regenerates the skin against sun and environmental damage.

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